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Five Reasons Why Your Company Needs A Website

July 07, 2011 0 Comments Website by Administrator

If your business doesn’t yet have an online presence, then you’re losing money. And that’s a fact. It’s estimated that 90% of the world’s consumers use the internet to find products and services, and Google alone receives over two billions searches each and every day...

So if you haven’t yet joined the 21st century, it’s high time you did!

Here are 5 reasons why a website will help boost your company’s profits...

1. Increase the visibility of your business

A web presence will allow you to promote your products and services to a burgeoning online marketplace, and make your business more visible in the process. And many of the methods of doing this are completely free. You can promote your business on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, advertise your services via videos on YouTube, and get the word out via articles, forums, blogs and press releases, with links being used to drive traffic back towards your website.

2. Open your doors to business, 24/7

Unlike a physical shop-front, which opens in the morning and closes in the evening, a website will enable you to keep your doors open to customers 24/7, increasing your profits at no extra expense. So whatever time of the day, a potential customer will be able to find your site, order, and pay for their product or service, without you even knowing about it!

3. Promote your business to the entire world!

In days gone by, companies were only able to sell their products and services to local customer. These days, however, a website allows any business to reach customers all across the world, and explode their profits in the process! Whatever your business, you now have the opportunity to reach a worldwide customer base. Why not take advantage of it?

4. Explode your profits by reaching the top of Google

Of course, there are some keyword phrases that are more difficult to rank for than others, but a lot of business owners simply don’t realise just how easy it can be to reach page one of the search engines for their most lucrative keywords. We’ve helped businesses go from nothing, to sitting on top of Google for their main search terms in a matter of months, sky-rocketing their profits as a result!

5. Benefit from your very own online salesman

A polished website with top quality content is essentially an online salesman. Why waste time and money on face-to-face meetings that require you to go out into the world and SELL your business over and over again, when you can write the sales copy once, and then send potential clients towards your website?

So if you haven’t given your business an online presence yet, there are 5 reasons great reasons for doing so right now, before your competitors beat you to the punch (if they haven’t already)!

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